Extra Book, Chapter 1, Part 2 (I Am A Child Of This House)


‘Carzy. Crazy. It’s crazy, Emel Astrada.’

Are you insisted on the marvelous blood of Marquis Raymond?

I wanted to hug Lady when we met in the corridor at dawn.

‘It’s too early.’

She is a precious person I’ve seen since childhood. I thought it was natural to give this person his whole life.

I did.

I want to hug, I want to monopolize, I want to kiss.

My feeling definitely turned.

Otherwise, it can’t be like that.

Regardless of his anguish, the situation steadily moved forward. Time is not a way to wait for human beings.

The news that my father and brother were dead was heard one after another.

‘Young Master Carl cut their neck at once! It’s blown away!’

But Emel mind was only thought about Estelle, while he hearing the story of the messenger who thrillingly talk about the war.

I’m glad young Master Carl come back…

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Everything Was a Mistake — Chapter 40

How could some people say that Nocton is a bad guy when he literally had no choice.. 😦

cabin four translations

Translated by cabinfourtranslations

“I don’t have a hobby to bother sick people, so I’ll go now.”

Valrose got up out of bed and turned around. A straight step leads to the door of the bedroom.

Looking at the distant appearance of the back, Nocton opened his mouth without realizing it.

But before the boy’s words could be heard, there’s a knock on the door. A strange premonition flowed down his spine. His anxiety rose, and the door opened.

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Everything Was a Mistake — Chapter 38

Jesus, I swear Nocton is the most miserable male lead ever 😦

cabin four translations

Translated by cabinfourtranslations

“Are you alright now?”

“Uh? Uh-huh, thanks to you.”

No, if I jump out of here and get caught, the situation will be no longer manageable.

If there’s a rumor that I was dumped by Nocton and attempted suicide, my life is over.

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Watching Dramas Makes My Time Gone Faster

Some of my ways to enjoy free time are watching dramas, Korean variety show, or reading comics, paper or online one.

But lately, I think watching dramas is wasting so much time T_T

When I say drama, actually I include anime in this drama section.

I don’t hate films if they’re watched in cinema because you got different feeling inside the cinema. And you’re much focused too compared to when you watch it at home. You know, people can text you, call you, maybe toilet is too close to you so the film’s flow is interrupted, you know what I mean, right? That doesn’t happen when I watch movie in cinema.

I tried to watch Sword Art Online, the latest season (3rd). I totally forgot the full title, was it Alicization or something? I gave up watching it after 10~15 minutes, after I watched the possible main lead tried to cut a tree, fighting under the tree and eating lunch. The characters talk sooooo slowly, GOSH! I kept thinking like “OMG this scene can just be like a quarter of one chapter if it’s made into comic and then I will be able to finish this part in 30 seconds instead of 15 minutes. I feel like my time was robbed by watching these dramas OTL

This happened last time when I tried to watch the original Good Doctor from South Korea. I enjoyed the American one actually because you know, they talk fast and to the point. The South Korean version one is.. so slow T_T I don’t know why I feel this way lately, really. I enjoyed a lot of dramas, let’s say the latest drama I was into was What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. More than that, I love it! I even bought the Director Cut DVD because I really love the main couple.

In Good Doctor, our main lead was being bullied in silly and annoying way by his colleagues. It’s so not professional. Our main’s superior yelled a lot too, which was also annoying (to the point that I’s asking if all Koreans don’t have empathy because they yell a lot to others..) and of course, they did all of that soooo slowly! Please get to the point quickly and go. The patient was dying T_T

How about comics? I really, really enjoy my time. I read Remarried Empress lately, which is a brilliant Korean aristocratic romance novel. You guys can search it up online, it’s so good and it has more than 100 chapters currently. Last time, I finished all those rich plotted chapters in 8 hours. Can you imagine me watching, let’s say, 24 episodes of anime? That will probably take me at least 12 damn hours T_T and it won’t even catch up to the content I got by reading 100 chapters, perhaps 24 episodes can only equal to 50 chapters at most OTL

That’s why I indulge myself into learning Korean and reading comics more lately. Well, Park Seo Joon’s new drama Itaewon Class is coming soon, so I will probably watch a drama eventually. But other than that, I won’t be able to watch drama or anime without regretting my wasted time.

Can not Afford to be Greedy

Whenever I see people who excel in my interest, I spontaneously think “I will try to be as good as him / her!”

Have similar thought ever cross your mind too?

I’ve just watched Boss in The Mirror, a Korean variety show where I see a woman who eat a lot and exercise well. I like to eat so much, and though I can’t exercise that well, I still can exercise as much as I can.

I was so occupied in my gaming experience with my online friends. I did a lot of things I thought I’d never do, for example I started a youtube channel to support the game community, sleeping at 3 AM almost everyday. It was hectic but I loved it. I like my friends so much, too.

I thought I can work well and be a great gamer at that moment, but you guys know that normal person sleep 6 to 8 hours a day, right? It was impossible for me to sleep at 3 AM and wake up at 7. I was too tired and a lot of times I woke up at 12 at noon.. that’s just crazy, and of course I was yelled by my parents.


Every single living creature in this earth can only have 24 hours a day. I can’t make it double, though it is true that some money can ‘buy’ you time.

I can’t exercise, playing game, working, learning Korean and watching youtube in a day but giving 100% result because I would be too tired.

If I give my work 80%, then I will exercise for 10% and playing game for 10%. I would probably skip studying and watching youtube that day. I can’t help it because I don’t have time left, though I really want to do all of them.


Just like how bigger picture of my life look like. And probably yours, too.

If you work too much, spent time outside a lot, high the chance that you miss a lot of family occasion. Maybe your kid will miss you.

If you spend time with family much, perhaps your income might not be that much compared to people who work more frequently, though it depends on the job.

If I eat to much, I might not be able to reduce my weight. Just like if I eat less, I might be unhappy, but I can reduce my weight more easily.

I might not be able to meet my online friends anymore, but at least my sleeping time becomes so much better, and no more yelling from parents.


I do understand that you have to give up some to gain some.

I can’t be everything, but I can be something, right?

Even Superman.. Superman is so powerful yet he still has his own struggle because of his power.


That is why, I think us, humans, as long as we live, we need to choose.

Because you can’t afford to be greedy. You absolutely can not, because it is not even possible in the first place.

People I admire and My Future Kid

I hope I can be a great mother in the future.

Not the perfect one, because there is no perfection other than God, in my opinion.

I really think about my future with my kid lately, although I have no desire regarding marriage at the moment, but I really want to be a mother.

I will love them in whatever they’re pursuing, whatever their personality are. I hope I can do my best ^_^

However, as I am growing up as a fan of many people (:D) I hope my future kid will have some good traits from my idols.

I hope my future kid will have so much passion to learn like U-Know Yunho, my ultimate idol for life.

He forgive people who are hurting him, which shows that he has a big heart. He is very independent. He, so far as I’ve been idolizing him for 13 years, is responsible for what his choice. He didn’t blame people, he has good mentality and caring heart.


May my future kid finds it difficult to give up, to passionately pursue his / her dream, hardworking in no matter what kind of job he’s working on, just like how Yunho is always doing.


I really love Actor Park Seo Joon. I think he’s the Actor I like the most.

I really like his humbleness. He is shy, but he is sincere. He is being awesomely great with acting and always doing it seriously. Being humble, I think, is the key for life. we have to be hungry about learning, and being humble because there will always be people who are better. We shall never stop learning in life.


I admire that aspect of him. It is good if my future kid is known great, but I hope he / she will be as humble as Park Seo Joon.


I think people who are confident and brave are really amazing. They have charms, unique vibe which you can only find from him.

That’s the impression I get from Tyler Rasch.


I really admire his way of talking. I think it is really charming to think logically, backed up with facts and data. He also respect people’s opinion and have a strong idea that freedom is for everyone. He express his thinking in confidence, have good reasoning, and love his parents so much.

As I think I don’t have much confidence on myself, I want to learn together with my kid, and be a good role model for him / her. I also want to take care of my child myself, just like how Tyler is so close with his parents.


Honestly, I don’t even know what I am even writing at the moment! Hahaha

I don’t even check any spelling error.. Or if I say weird things. I just think that will be nice if I pour my thought into words, and perhaps I will learn English and writing, too.


My future kid.. I will love you so dearly and unconditionally. I hope you will be a good person, just like Yunho, Seo Joon and Tyler. You will be a great person, my kid.

Addicted to Tyler Rasch, an American living in South Korea

Have you guys heard about Abnormal Summit or Non Summit?


I personally think that Korean Variety Shows are so creative regarding the content, concept, and the editing.

Recently, I like to watch Abnormal Summit from JTBC Station. It is a Talk-Debate show, but not the normal one, as the title says. The show gathered 11 to 12 foreigners who can speak Korean fluently. They are discussing and debating their opinion about any topic among Koreans.

You can find the show on Netflix and Kshow123 if you’re interested. It is such a good show.

Among the 11 panelists appeared in the first season, I am heavily attracted to American representative, his name is Tyler Rasch.



What really amusing is, I did watch many episodes of the show before, and I knew his name around 2015 or 2016, but I didn’t find him awesome or something.

I think the clip which made me attracted to him first was the one from Episode 32

He was talking about a funny story about Kiss Time in America.


His reaction when he see the Korean MC who were explaining to him about the difference about Ppo-ppo and Kis-seu in Korea is so cute, Oh My God 😀


Right after the clip, in the full episode, Tyler was presenting the Late News section. I really love how he spoke like a lot of American Reporter in TV. I think his voice is so pleasing to be heard. It is rich and I wanted to listen to his voice more. :3


I am currently saving a separate folder titled Tyler Rasch! Hahaha

I’m so proud for fan-girling on this charismatic guy.

He was born in 1988 in Vermont, USA. I think he is really smart and confident. His confidence makes his every moves looks original and unique, and it makes me anticipating his talk even more.

There are so many clips from Abnormal Summit about Tyler, which I want to share to you. But the Episode 32 is definitely my favorite.

I hope I can see him on another hit show, because I’m craving for more appearance of his.